Underground Insights

Soil Scout

Unique Capability

Water Savings

Optimise watering with monitoring of underground soil conditions

Energy Savings

Reduce energy costs with optimised feeding and watering

Reduced Fertiliser Use

Increased Yield

Optimised crop yield

Maintenance Free

Transmits near real-time data for up to 20 years

Underground Wireless

the only wireless sensors capable of transmitting from up to 2 metres below the surface


Underground Insights

Shown below is an aerial view of the Ulvila test site in Finland is a sandy loam soil where all regular farming activities have continued as normal. 4 x Scouts with moisture and temperature sensors were installed in 2013, and since then the field has been harvested, subsoiled, direct drilled and sprayed for plant disease control. Together with a receiving antenna, the Base Station is located inside the attic of a wooden house on the other side of the road from the field.